Heatsink Coatings

Fireball Heatsink Thermal Dispersant

ImageFireball Heatsink Thermal Dispersant Coating creates a chemical and corrosion resistant film that increases the ability of a coated part to radiate heat. Heatsink provides for more even distribution of heat over the coated surface and moves it rapidly away.

Heatsink is blended with lubricating agents which aid in keeping a coated part clean. Dirt and debris cannot get a good grip and becomes easier to clean off. The coating will show a semi gloss appearance on machined surfaces and a satin appearance on rough textures.

Fireball Heatsink Coating Applications:

Crankcases, cylinders, cylinder heads, engine blocks, valve springs, retainers, brake rotors, flywheels, clutches and anything else where increased heat dissipation is desired.

 From motorcycle applications...
 ...to marine applications